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Sunrise Pelvic Physiotherapy is a pelvic floor physiotherapy clinic specialising in pelvic health and wellness. We offer expert management for pregnancy and postnatal concerns, bladder and bowel conditions, prolapse, sexual or pelvic pain, and exercise classes.

our mission

Our mission is to help you build your confidence and embrace your pelvic health and wellness through all stages of life.

We are passionate about providing evidence-based, quality physiotherapy management to help you achieve your pelvic health goals. Our team is empathetic, inclusive, friendly, and believe every single person is unique and respected regardless of choices, gender or sexuality.

Whether you are concerned about pain, sex, prolapse, pregnancy or postnatal conditions, or bladder and bowel problems, our clinic is a safe, comfortable, and private space. We are kind, empathetic, great listeners, and passionate about working with you to help you achieve confidence and control over your pelvic health.

our services

Whether it be bladder or bowel dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual or pelvic pain, or menopause related concerns, we understand that pelvic floor conditions are often misunderstood and not talked about.

We provide a supportive environment in which you can comfortably address your concerns, build your confidence, and gain better control of your pelvic health.

Throughout all stages of your pregnancy, we are here to support you. Some of the services we offer include pelvic floor checks, birth preparation and risk assessments, care for any aches and pains, and pregnancy exercise classes.

After giving birth, we highly recommended a postnatal assessment for every mum, whether it be a vaginal or caesarean birth, and offer support with pelvic floor rehab, abdominal separation, c-section scar care, return to exercise guidance, and Mums and Bubs exercise classes.

We specialise in conditions such as upper or lower back pain, rib pain, hip pain, or pelvic girdle pain.

After a thorough assessment and diagnosis, together we come up with a management plan to get you working towards your goals.

Our team

Our team is skilled, empathetic and passionate about pelvic and sexual health. We are committed to helping you with your recovery journey so you can bounce back and embrace life again.

Whether you are concerned about pain, sex, prolapse, bladder, or bowel conditions, Sunrise Pelvic Physiotherapy is a safe and non-judgemental environment, where you can address your concerns openly.

Tusanee Jierasak
Pelvic Physiotherapist

Dominic Givney

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