Labour TENS Machine Hire


Sunrise Pelvic Physiotherapy offers Labour TENS machines for hire.

They can be a wonderfully effective and natural pain relief tool to help during early labour.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and provides drug-free pain relief for many different types of pain, as well as during labour. TENS works by helping to block pain signals from reaching the brain, and also releasing natural endorphins which allow a reduction in pain as well as helping you to relax during labour.

The benefits of TENS during labour include:

  • It is a safe and effective choice of drug free and non invasive pain relief that works best in the early part of your labour
  • Helps block pain signals from reaching the brain, and releases natural endorphins, which allows a reduction in pain and helps you relax during labour
  • You have full control to increase and decrease the level of sensation as well as a “boost” button that provides further relief during contractions or periods of intense pain
  • The machines are small and portable so you can move around freely with the machine on, keeping you mobile
  • They can be used in conjunction with other pain-relieving techniques such as massage, heat, breathing techniques and positioning

How is Labour TENS different from a regular TENS machine?

Labour TENS machines are designed with a special boost button which can be used to provide an extra surge of pain relief during contractions or periods of particularly intense pain. We like the peace-of-mind this provides, so you know you always have a bit of extra relief up your sleeve should you need it. The machine sends small pulses of electrical current via electrode pads which are placed on the back and provides a gentle tingling sensation which can be increased or decreased. 

Labour TENS machines are a drug-free, non-invasive form of pain relief that is most importantly controlled by you. We find this helps many people feel more in control of their labour and obstetric journey, and can also relieve some of the anxiety produced by the process of labour and the pain itself. TENS machines are most effective when used at the beginning of labour, giving the body time to produce endorphins, rather than trying to catch up and get on top of existing pain once it is already established.

Your hire includes

  • Complimentary 10-minute session with one of our physiotherapists showing you how to setup and use the machine
  • 4 electrode pads for you to keep. These are reusable.
  • 5-week hire
  • A battery for the machine (and a spare backup just in case!) 

Hire Fee


We will book a time for you to come to the clinic and collect the machine and go through the setup and how to use it. After your 5 weeks we will be in touch and you (or your partner or friend) can drop your machine back at a time that suits you, or post it back if more appropriate for you.

Please call (02) 9191 1507 or email info@sunrisepelvicphysiotherapy if you are interested in hiring one of our Labour TENS machines.